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ICYMI – All the blog posts from July 2020

RSS: still the best way to keep up with the news

RSS is a technology which is working quietly for millions of people. It’s worth a look if you’re not on board already.

Should I advertise against my own brand names?

The cost shouldn’t put you off, because for just a few pounds you can test out an advert and judge whether it’s worth it.

Ideas to make a Case Study worth writing

Case studies are as relevant today as they ever were, even if there aren’t the same number of third-party places to publish them.

How many Google users click on the top result?

How many Google search users end up clicking on the first free (‘natural’ or ‘organic’) result? A new study has the answer: 14% to 47%.

The self-confident web page

A company website is also its most important salesperson, so based on its content, does it have the same confidence as the best salesperson?

3 ways to smooth the video production process

If you want to smooth the production process, it’s worth considering the most common problems in-house videographers face.

6 ways to kill a landing page

Here are some of the things which stop a landing page from working – and perhaps stop any page from working.

Photoshop alternatives for the occasional user

Adobe Photoshop itself is an amazing application, but it’s not for the occasional user as it’s only available on a subscription plan.

Farewell to the telephone conference call

In business, the telephone conference call may be a casualty of the events this year. I don’t know about you, but I won’t miss it.

How to identify ‘story arcs’ in your narratives

If you’re struggling with your own story, the author says, “it might be because you’re trying to do two of them at the same time”.

Doing a lot more business over video

I suspect that it’s going to become a valuable skill to be able to make sales presentations on a range of platforms.

Backlink checking without the financial outlay

Justifying the cost of ‘backlink checkers’ can be hard for smaller companies, but there are free tools which can do at least part of the job.

Running an effective in-house meeting

A great technique is to replace any plain item headings on the agenda with a statement as to why that item is being discussed.

Social media banners are a great opportunity

There’s space to put in a bold slogan, or just tie in neatly with any strong graphic presence you’re trying to create across all sites.

Rationalising your Google Ads keywords

Over the years, Google has given itself permission to be much more liberal in interpreting what advertisers really want

Priming emails

Priming your recipients is rarely a bad idea. If what you’re doing is going to be useful, why not warm up first with a little expectation?

The value of a good YouTube channel

A new section on YouTube called simply How YouTube Works has some interesting insights for users of the almost ubiquitous video site.

What is this page doing that no other page is doing?

View it from the other end of the telescope: if the page didn’t appear in the search engine results, would the world mourn its omission?

Our sales story is a real asset

Most people in the consumer space would love to have the fact-driven narratives we’re able to develop in industrial and scientific marketing

Get those giveaway pages converting

If you’re running a campaign to get people to a page where they can request a document of some sort, that page needs to ‘convert’, and hard.

Genuinely useful, free marketing courses

A range of courses covering content writing, computing, email marketing, infographics, PPC advertising, and search engine optimisation.