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How to identify ‘story arcs’ in your narratives

I really enjoyed this article. Eight strategic story arcs that shape almost every B2B narrative on the Velocity blog discusses the most common B2B story arcs that the author has seen in the last few years.

“If you’re struggling with your own story”, she says, “it might be because you’re trying to do two of them at the same time, or because you’re missing a killer step in one or the other.”

The story arcs are as follows:

  • The one where you break down silos for the first time.
  • The one where you give your customers’ customers what they really want.
  • The one where you have the ‘ultimate toolbox’ for every single one of your customers.
  • The one where you make people realise they want the wrong things.
  • The one where you stop people boiling the frog.
  • The one where you’re super niche.
  • The one where you’re the best of both worlds.
  • The one where you’ve spawned a new era.

Have a read.