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Doing a lot more business over video

If you’re not doing a lot more business over video already, I’m sure you will be quite soon. Getting a face-to-face sales meeting has never been easy, but it’s a lot harder when the prospect is trying to minimise the number of strangers breathing on them. One big question has to be: how do we tackle video presentations?

At one extreme there are applications which are geared towards all participants contributing, such as Zoom. This could be appropriate in a one-to-one situation, although a dedicated two-way application could be better. At the other extreme are one-way applications like a YouTube or Facebook broadcast. These could stand in for seminars, if video feedback from the audience wasn’t essential.

Each has its advantages. People know how to use Zoom now, although it’s hard to concentrate if there are multiple participants, and they don’t like the fact that they can be seen, making concentration mandatory. Watching a one-way broadcast is far more attractive to potential users, as the other party doesn’t know if you’ve dropped out.

So there’s a lot to think about. I suspect that it’s going to become a valuable skill to be able to make sales presentations on a range of platforms. In particular, it should be second nature to a skilled presenter to be able to flick over to slides, on-screen resources or separate video feeds. Do you need to put some training in place?

Here’s a good list of some different webinar software platforms.