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Tips for making video sales calls

At the start of the year, I read my way though loads of marketing blogs giving their predictions for trends in 2020. I can’t recall many of them predicting what we’re all having to become proficient in, very quickly: working through video. One thing many people are having to get used to is selling through video. Just because salespeople are happy to get back on the road doesn’t mean their prospects are willing to entertain them. Fortunately a few organisations have been working this way for years, so there’s a reasonable amount of advice out there.

Step one in a video sales call is to prepare as well as for a physical presentation. It can be tempting not to do so, on the basis that the salesperson is in a more comfortable environment, not isolated on the prospect’s premises without support. That would be a mistake. The call needs to be researched and scripted as well as a physical one, and yes, personal presentation is just as important. It’s also critical to have a professional backdrop, sound and lighting.

Step two is to be as attentive in the call as in a physical one. Many salespeople apparently ‘forget’ many of the sales skills they’ve learned over the years once they go online. It’s still quite possible to gauge the reactions of a prospect over video. Recording the call can be a great shortcut in the new learning process.

Step three is to remember to close in the normal way and schedule future calls, then quickly send any wrap-up material to the prospect while the message is warm.

Video sales calls aren’t new – although they will be to some – but even if or when the current situation blows over, there may well be a general uptick in their use. Indeed, prospects who insist on them is even a possibility.