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Scheduled tweets on Twitter

If you’re responsible for your company’s Twitter presence, a new feature – scheduled tweets – could make life a lot easier. This has been available through third-party Twitter applications for years, but now it’s a simple option on Twitter’s web interface. At the foot of each new tweet, there’s a calendar/clock item which does exactly what you’d expect it to do.

I don’t think that scheduled Tweets can be rescinded, so in that respect, you’re committing to your comment with “Schedule” just as you are with the normal “Tweet” (now) button. If you want to think about things before Tweeting, the web interface now supports saving Tweets as drafts (just click the ‘cancel’ cross and it’ll offer to save to drafts).

We’re moving towards what I think many people could do with, which is a setting where all Tweets composed after, say, 10pm are automatically saved to drafts, then only Tweeted out once you’d re-read them the next morning.