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ICYMI – All the blog posts from June 2020

Could Edge chip away at Chrome?

From the earliest days of the web, the dominant browser has looked to be heading towards a monopoly, only to fall away again.

Being clear up front that the data may not be there

It’s important to understand that there may not be data, and that could be a problem if you’re constantly required to do provide exactly that.

Looking even better in video calls

This might not matter for a Zoom pub quiz, but it’s really worth making the effort for calls which involve customers or prospects.

Freeing yourself from the slavery of the screen

Go cold turkey and hide your phone away well before bedtime, not to be even thought about before the next day.

Tips for making video sales calls

Fortunately a few organisations have been making video sales calls for years, so there’s a reasonable amount of advice out there.

The best thing about Wikipedia links

The best way to add links that will stay on Wikipedia is to provide much-needed content and links where that information is lacking.

Does SEO convert as well as paid ads?

For many businesses, sending paid visitors to dedicated ad campaign landing pages is taken for granted. Should you be doing the same?

25 billion web spam pages every day

In its latest annual ‘Webspam report’, it’s revealed that Google discovers 25 billion pages every day to be filtered out of the index.

Major update to Google ranking flagged well in advance

If you were dragging your heels on a long-overdue website redesign for better usability, it could be time to start working on that.

SEO tactics you can forget about

Someone will probably say: “But Chris, you recommended this back in 2011”, or something like that. However, this rather makes my point.

Google Alerts: as useful as ever

I assume everyone has a Google Alert set up for their name, their company name, senior management, main products, names of competitors, etc.

Search Console looks at your vitals

Elements such as these form the small but critical differences between neighbouring search positions. It’s worth getting to know them.

Scheduled tweets on Twitter

If you’re responsible for your company’s Twitter presence, a new feature – scheduled tweets – could make life a lot easier.

An inverted pyramid needs to sit on something

Rather than being an inverted pyramid fading away to the least important points, a technical article should have a conclusion

Decent new video content on a budget

Make video from existing footage you might have from other projects. Not only is this cheap, it may be the only option for many businesses.

Better lists than using a spreadsheet

Microsoft Lists looks like an interesting new app, especially if you’re a user of the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) set of products.

Teach, don’t lecture

Demonstrating expertise can easily lead you to write in an unrelatable manner, skimming over the basics as if talking to another expert.

The video call tech race hots up

Google is introducing AI-powered noise cancellation to its video calls. Here’s an impressive video demonstration.

Free Rating Tool will assess your email subject line

This email scored 82, with suggested improvements being to reduce the character count for mobile devices and to add some ‘subtle urgency’.

Get inside those searches with free browser extension

WMS Everywhere is a Chrome extension that provides information about a search, from the search volume to the CPC and related keywords.