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ICYMI – All the blog posts from May 2020

Keeping things positive

If our social media output is positive and addresses the needs and interests of our customers, they’ll continue to want to hear from us

Removing a page from search engines

Google’s Removals Tool ‘hides’ the result quickly, but on the assumption that you’re going to take more decisive action.

Where now for the trade show?

The exhibition industry has proved surprisingly resilient in the twenty-first century, but it’s about to have its biggest challenge yet.

Should content marketing have its own promotion?

Although probably only a small financial outlay, an email campaign to draw attention to new valuable content is a must.

A new opportunity for smart speakers?

While the public have come to love these devices, the marketing opportunities they’ve provided have been next to zero.

Google takes on Zoom with free ‘Meet’

There are many security features which will appeal to users, although I don’t know whether this enough to get users to switch from Zoom.

Treat every Powerpoint slide like a billboard

If you saw it on the side of a building, it should make sense, either as a statement inviting further enquiry, or as a complete message.

Will this be the death of the trade show?

Online trade shows are rubbish. Until we get unimaginable steps forward in virtual reality, the trade show may have been dealt a fatal blow.

Investigating page URL errors with Google Analytics

If you like Google Analytics, there’s an exercise you can undertake with that can reveal possible broken links and information about them.

A significant update to the Google index

Some SEO experts are claiming that low quality ‘thin’ content has suffered in this update, others that branded content has been given a boost.

How to undertake keyword research

A new guide is well worth an hour or two, and you may well consider the processes it outlines to be worth a lot more time after that.

What’s not going to change in the next 10 years?

Much will change beyond recognition, but some things are unlikely to. Are we paying them enough attention or taking them for granted?

Back to the future

Have you got someone who could write about where the market is heading, or how technology is changing? It seems to be working.

Remember your competitor with only one product

Experts don’t generally leave the final choice to whoever they’re advising. Does your website have the conviction to avoid this?

The dangers of having as much foresight as ever

If the common perception of a particular word’s meaning is wrong, it’s not clever to use it correctly – it’s sowing confusion.

Online marketing basics at a nice price

Hubspot Academy has dozens of topics in marketing, sales and design, all freely available as a series of bite-sized videos.

Google is now suggesting personalised searches

I’m not sure if it’s something we can take advantage of in marketing, but it might account for more complex searches bringing in visitors.

Promoting that new industry data

Many industry bodies run surveys to get publicity. Helping them spread the message can be a real win-win. Don’t forget to link to them though.