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How to undertake keyword research

The Keyword Research Master Guide is a comprehensive, new, free to read publication from Moz which may well be a definitive read on the subject. The guide starts by explaining that “winning” keyword research helps you to find phrases and topics which are most relevant to your business, have sufficiently high search volume and have low competition, and then it moves on to show you how to find, prioritise and track these keywords.

The process begins by identifying our ‘seed’ keywords, such as ‘blue widgets’. Then, through a lot of iterations, we develop our keyword list, including modifiers, questions and more. We go on to prioritise them, group them by relevance, incorporate them properly on our pages, and track what we’ve achieved. Even for those of you who are well versed in SEO, revisiting this process could turn up some important new results.

The guide ends with a list of tools, resources, and reading materials. It’s well worth an hour or two, and you may well consider the processes it outlines to be worth a lot more investment of your time after that.