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Your online presence is more important than ever

You’ll probably have noticed, but more people are online at the moment than at any point in history. If there’s even the slightest possibility that some of your best prospects and customers may be twiddling their thumbs, your online presence has never been important. For your static resources (primarily your website), that means your content needs to be the best it can be, and finding it needs to be effective and efficient. If your SEO leaves anything to be desired, make sure your search advertising is focused heavily on its weak points.

Several retailers around my way have switched to becoming online businesses in record time. While that may not be appropriate to your company, the sheer scale of what they’ve done out of necessity should be an example of what can be achieved quickly. Just because you have a bit of time for reflection doesn’t mean that your website has to be completely ripped up, but perhaps it’s a good time for that reorganisation of the content, or the better-arranged home page you always promised yourself. Is this finally the time to look at a more ‘mobile first’ presentation? I’ve made the community website I work on in my spare time (47% mobile traffic this year) really easy to use on mobile devices with this approach, without sacrificing any desktop usability.

If business is down, what part of your product range or services are likely to take centre-stage when things return to normal? Have these got the appropriate presentation on their product pages and the appropriate highlighting on the home page? What’s their SEO looking like, and should you be focusing on this as a priority? Would search advertising be a shortcut to ensuring you’re on the first page in the meantime?