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We need some constants in our lives


(Do blogs have editorials? They do now)

During the present health crisis, most of us will be concentrating on sourcing information that keeps our business afloat. Even while working, in the back of our mind we will have health concerns for family and friends. So I know that the (often quite technical) marketing stuff I write about in this blog might at times seem a bit frivolous. But we need some constants in our lives, and I understand that for a few of you, one of those constants is the daily BMON blog which you dutifully put in a folder with the best intentions of reading later.

The ‘open rate’ for these emails has actually risen slightly in the past fortnight, so maybe they’re a welcome distraction. That’s why I’ll be continuing every day, even if sometimes there’s a remarkable contrast between world-shaking events on the news and an email telling you that there’s a tiny new feature in Google Analytics.

Stay safe.