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Putting your research to work

I’d bet that if you looked at all the ‘content’ you’ve produced in recent times, the vast majority would be in a written format. You might also have some video, maybe some slideshow presentations and – although less frequent – perhaps even webinars or podcasts. They will all have one thing in common though: each piece will address a particular topic. And if you’ve done the research for that topic, could you use that to produce content in a different format?

Converting written content into a video is an obvious one. But it can work the other way around. I’ve sat through some interesting slideshow presentations at live events and been surprised to find out that they were put together for that event and never converted into a written format …or a video (which would only require a voiceover, if even that!).

Videos are often never transcribed, another waste.

Creative marketing people often look beyond these. Perhaps there are visual elements to written pieces or presentations (such as charts) that could stand alone and work well on social media. It makes sense to get as much as you can out of every project you tackle.