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ICYMI – All the blog posts from April 2020

Keeping your Zoom meetings under control

There have been reports of people gatecrashing (or ‘Zoombombing’) meetings, so it’s wise to bear in mind these guidelines.

Rethinking the requirements of the job

The only occasional difficulty with writing these articles can be motivation – and that’s something everyone gets with repetitive tasks.

Do we need to use heading tags in our web pages?

Nowadays, the search engines seem to want to rank pages based on user experience, rather than beautiful coding, right?

Nobody said advertising in other countries was easy

Many of our clients ask us to run search advertising overseas, and we always try to get the involvement of their local representatives.

Always go with the data

I know this is all pretty basic stuff, but it’s surprising how often we see people making the same mistakes.

Five things we've learned this month about videoconferencing

Everyone’s videoconferencing, from tech-phobic grandparents to broadcast correspondents who really ought to know how to do it well already.

Critical communications in a crisis

If you haven’t got communications plans in place for the current potential eventualities, you need to create them in the next few days.

Is there more to using numbers in headlines?

Yes, but don’t forget that including numbers is not an alternative or substitute for including your key search terms and benefits.

Your online presence is more important than ever

If there’s even a possibility that some of your best customers may be twiddling their thumbs, your online presence has never been important.

A perfect set of meta descriptions

Millions of web pages have meta descriptions which are unusable, so the meta description we provide may not be what’s used in search results.

A typical crisis contingency message

One approach in marketing to keeping things on message and simple is the “Message House”. It works in crisis communications too.

How to look good on video calls

Most of us are taking part in more video calls, and we should try to look our best, not for vanity reasons but as a courtesy to others.

Putting your research to work

If you’ve done the research for a particular topic, could you use that to produce content in a different format?

Marketing actions to consider during this crisis (and more!)

Last month I mentioned an A-Z of Marketing Terms article, and you might also like to look at three other online guides from the same authors

An appeal

An innovative project has sprung up in my locality to design and make face visors, and thousands of these visors have already been produced.

We need some constants in our lives

The ‘open rate’ for these emails has actually risen slightly in the past fortnight, so maybe they’re a welcome distraction.

Keep calm and carry on marketing

For most of us, one or more competitors will have used this unprecedented period to strengthen their websites and improve their SEO/PPC game

A Window of Opportunity?

Wthe current crisis stops dominating the news agenda, journalists will be looking for recovery stories. Prepare for that moment.

So what about the benefits?

Here’s my favourite technique for ensuring I’m getting to the root of what I’m trying to get over in a piece of marketing copy.