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What’s TikTok all about?

I try to make most of these blogs at least vaguely useful to you in a professional capacity. However, today I’m going to explain something that will almost certainly not be of use to your business – but you might want to know what it is anyway.


The app reached a billion downloads a whole year ago, so we should all know what it is by now, right? Yet it seems that many of us don’t, especially if we’ve been of working age for more than a couple of years.

The Chinese company behind the app was valued as the world’s most valuable startup over 18 months ago, surpassing Uber. There’s a lot of talk that it will go public soon, when its real value will become clear. Nearly 70% of users are aged 16 to 24, with only 25% older than this. And what does the app make it easy for them to do? Make very short videos. These used to be mainly dancing or lip-syncing to music – this sort of thing – but now they’re almost anything from cooking to explaining things to just being daft.

And that’s it.

It’s utter rubbish, but quite addictive, and so far seems to have resisted most attempts by commerce to wade in. However, some consumer brands with younger customers are trying hard, and there’s a growing body of advice online about how to make TikTok work. Enjoy.