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Making that ‘useful tools’ page work harder

Conversion tools, calculators and reference charts are useful resources to have on your company website, and ones which lend themselves to being provided by engineering and scientific companies. They have three benefits that I can see:

  • They add to the air of authoritativeness of your site (good for humans and search engines)
  • They can rank well in search engines, potentially leading to prospects discovering your company
  • They get links from other sites

It’s the last one of these which can be particularly important, especially for sites that struggle to get links on a day-to-day basis. I’ve seen businesses which have as many external links to a ‘useful tools’ page as they do to their home page.

For those of you who already have these sorts of resources, here’s a tip: why not present them in other languages too? It may not be something that is directly relevant to your business, but it’s an easy thing to do, and could extend your search engine appearances, with a knock-on effect in getting links. Just a thought.