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Keeping your mailing list clean

If your marketing email list consists of customers and prospects from your company’s CRM system, I’d hope that it’s pretty ‘clean’. However, if you have a separate email list that you’ve grown over the years, it needs a bit more love. You don’t want to be labelled with what internet service providers call poor “sender reputation”. The out of date and low quality email addresses need to go.

First of all – and your email system may do this for you – ensure that ‘bouncing’ email addresses are removed as swiftly as possible. There are services that can check this for you.

Second, take a look at any non-personal addresses (sales@… etc). Yes, that may be what you were given by the contact, but the chances are, nobody’s looking at it. Or perhaps someone who isn’t interested is looking at it. Sooner or later, you may well be reported as spam.

Finally, look at regular recipients who don’t seem to be opening your emails (your email system should report on this). It may be that they are readers and the open isn’t registering, but the chances are that the emails are going in the bin. Think about sending them a direct, personal message asking if they still want to be on the list. Why? Well, contrary to what we might think, having a brand known only as the people whose emails you always delete, isn’t going to endear you to prospects. Also, in terms of your own testing and email development, unwanted emails are only going to make the data analysis harder and less accurate.

Pretend every email costs £10 to send out. Concentrate on people who want to hear from you.