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ICYMI – All the blog posts from March 2020

Helping fight COVID-19 through better comms

In the current situation, good communications will save lives. Those of in marketing in your working life can use your skills socially.

The video star and the press briefing

I’m sure videoconferencing will be part of the future of First Friday Club, so clink a virtual glass and carry on in the coronavirus-free internet world.

What is an ‘Answer Engine’?

It’s early days, but search engines are morphing from information indexes to personal assistants and becoming Answer Engines.

Working from home productively

I thought I’d add my own experience to all those articles advising on the best way to Be Productive At Home. It’s one thing I do know about.

Online hoaxes: not so funny

Call out whoever sent you the message, and tell them not to propagate this rubbish, no matter how well intentioned they may be.

Speed: does it make any difference to Google rankings?

Tests have varied results, but I suspect it may make more of a difference when you’re lower down and small changes have greater impact.

Beyond maintaining a dialogue

Online communication tools keep discussions going. They do have limitations when it comes to other business needs however.

What videoconferencing system are you using?

This is becoming a pressing issue for many businesses needing to connect staff temporarily working from home, and for event organisers

What’s TikTok all about?

The TikTok app reached a billion downloads a whole year ago, so we should all know what it is by now, right?

Tools for keyword research: an update for 2020

There are many, many online tools for keyword (search term) research, and the first thing to think about is what you actually want to do.

Getting less prescriptive with search advertising

Audiences can provide some interesting results, especially in combination with another targeting option: ‘broad match’ keywords.

Keeping your mailing list clean

Low quality email addresses need to go. Pretend every email costs £10 to send out. Concentrate on people who want to hear from you.

Four ways to keep your website safe

These things are easy to leave low down on the to-do list. They need to be brought to the top and ticked off.

Mobile presentation now critical

Having websites which display as effectively on mobile devices as they do on desktop PCs is going to be crucial in the next few months.

Excluding inappropriate sites from the Display Network

Managing ads on the Display Network requires a lot of care. There are all sorts of sites where you wouldn’t want your advert to appear.

Change your marketing strategy but don’t panic

This difficult period for business may present new challenges and opportunities, so it’s a good time to show some intelligent thinking.

Making that ‘useful tools’ page work harder

Conversion tools, calculators and reference charts get links from other sites. For those who already have these resources, here’s a tip.

Coming out of this stronger

Only bother your customers with news if it’s to explain how you can make their life easier in these uncertain times.

What is Google Analytics 360?

It’s really just for companies that have more than a million website visits per month, and have run into data sampling and freshness issues.

Easier digging into search information

Google Search Console has expanded the data download capabilities so that the big download button now gives you all the data in one hit.

A useful guide to Marketing Terms

26 topics from the AIDA Marketing Model to the Zero Moment of Truth, visiting Content Marketing, KPIs and User Generated Content on the way.