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Easier digging into search information

For those of you who really want to dig into Google Search Console data, as well as those who have to make presentations based on the reports, here’s some good news. Google has expanded the data download capabilities so that the big download button now gives you everything, as a Google Sheet, Excel or .CSV file.

The Excel export, for example, gives you 7 tabs:

  • Filters: showing the date period and any optional filters
  • Queries: the top 1000 searches for which you got clicks
  • Pages: the 1000 pages which appeared in Google Search most frequently
  • Countries: all countries where you appeared in search results
  • Devices: the split of search result appearance between mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Search Appearance: other ways you’ve appeared in search
  • Dates: daily appearances in search results

Enjoy digging down into some fascinating information.