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Coming out of this stronger

What can your brand do in a crisis like this? The thing to remember is that the crisis will pass (and if it doesn’t, nothing we do now will matter anyway). So we need to see past the immediate problems and focus on the long term.

That doesn’t mean abandoning the short term. Looking after existing customers and working to help them as much as possible will be appreciated. Keep them informed, but not about what you’re doing. Really, they don’t care. I’m getting emails every hour telling me that such-and-such company has redeployed its staff to work from home, but how does that affect me? Only bother your customers with news if it’s to explain how you can make their life easier in these uncertain times.

There’s an opportunity to come out of all this in a stronger position than the competition, by doubling down on what you’re good at, and ensuring customers are grateful for what you did when they most appreciated some help.