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Beyond maintaining a dialogue

I’ve mentioned a few online communication tools in previous articles, mainly concerned with the top priority when teams are dispersed: keeping discussions going. They do have limitations when it comes to other business needs however, so I thought I’d look into services and apps which go beyond maintaining a dialogue.

For project management, Quire is well reviewed. “The highlight focus of Quire is the simplicity and ease of project collaborations”, according to this review. Also look at Asana“A very customizable platform for assigning and tracking tasks and ensuring that team members have a balanced workload”, says this review.

For group decision making, the Loomio app looks brilliantly simple. “The easiest way for us to convert discussion into action and to iterate to get group agreement” according to one review here.

For document collaboration, it’s hard to see past Google Docs. This article talks about using it for collaboration, and there’s a good guide to actually using it here as well.

Finally, for scheduling, it’s worth looking at Calendly – a service to help you “schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails”. Curiously, with many businesses split up and not meeting physically, there’ll probably be more need to schedule group meetings than before – it’s just that they’ll be online. “If you work on a team with others, you might find Calendly’s extra features for teams beneficial”, says this review.

Stay safe everyone.