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The best time to send marketing emails

I may be wrong, but looking through the many regular marketing emails I receive, it doesn’t seem like a lot of thought has gone into the day of the week that they’re sent. If it had, I’m sure I’d receive more ideas-based communication on Mondays, more transactional stuff in the middle of the week, and more fun stuff towards the weekend. That would probably reflect the way most people think.

For those of us who send out weekly emails, I believe that keeping the time and day consistent trumps any other considerations. But if our emails are monthly, or irregular, we have a choice of day (and time!), and it’s important to get it right. Those that have large customer or prospect lists can divide them up and send different segments different types of emails at different times, then investigate the open rates and responses before deciding on the best time. Not testing this (and many businesses don’t) is an open goal missed.

If our lists are smaller, or there’s no opportunity to do any testing, we’re reliant on industry research as to the best times. This meta-analysis from OptinMonster has some interesting findings, but as ever, many come from inappropriate sectors. Our customers and prospects are unique to us, which means it’s down to us to get to know them.