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More changes in Google search results presentation

You may have noticed yet more changes in the presentation of Google search results on desktop PCs in the last fortnight. Take this for example:

There are three things you might want to note here. Firstly the web page address has moved above the title of the page and is in black text. Traditionally, it’s been green, and below the title. Secondly, the “Ad” label has also gone black, and has lost the box around it. Google claims it makes ads more distinguishable, even if every normal human being I’ve spoken to thinks otherwise.

I’m fairly sure that the result of this will be more clicks on adverts (or else why would Google do it?) – and this in turn probably means we all have to spend more on our Google Ads for key product searches.

But the third thing to notice is the ‘featured snippet’ below the ads; whereas usually these panels cover questions and answers, this one is just a highlighted product result. We’d all like to get featured snippets for plain product searches, and I’m keeping an eye open to see if this is something new or just Google mistakenly trying to answer a “what is…?” question that wasn’t actually implied by the search.