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ICYMI – All the blog posts from February 2020

Tips for tracking campaigns in Google Analytics

Think carefully about how you set up the UTM codes. These can be anything you like, but you’ll want them consistent and grouped.

The long tail is the real target

That long tail, in total, could easily account for far more traffic than the few headline terms at the top.

Product reviews: an open goal in B2B marketing

The sort of customers we deal with probably search for ‘reviews’ just like consumers do, but what they’re really after is a demonstration.

Content writing as advertising

To balance your budget between short- and a long-term investment, splitting it between Google Ads and content writing could be smart.

What would Tom Hanks say?

If you think about nothing else, consider setting a ‘brand tone’ for your business. Most other things will cascade down from this.

Yes, WordPress is a good CMS for SEO

As you’d expect, it’s pretty good at just about everything, although you will need to add ‘plug-ins’ to ensure you get the most out of it.

Featured snippets pushing results to page 2

If a web page listing is elevated into the featured snippet position, Google no longer repeats the listing in the search results.

Using an email to sell your value proposition

Weigh up the commitment you’re asking them to make and the value they’re going to get from it. Then sell that value.

Keeping keywords out of the ellipsis bin

The titles of pages in Google Search results will be cut off in different places, so getting the important words at the start is important.

What are a new website’s chances in Google?

Google uses the word ‘estimate’ regarding how highly a new site could be ranked, so it’s likely that a new site wouldn’t start from zero.

Effective emails make it easy for the recipient

If you’re just putting over one straightforward message, more than ever I’d try to put the whole thing in the email

Making unglamorous products exciting to the unexcitable

The product may not generate much of a thrill, but what it can do for the customer could be a different matter.

Using LinkedIn to market ourselves

Think of LinkedIn as an evolving, public CV showing your authority and expertise, and you might put more effort into adding content there.

More changes in Google search results presentation

Google claims the change makes ads more distinguishable, even if every normal human I’ve spoken to thinks otherwise.

The best time to send marketing emails

If our emails are monthly, or irregular, we have a choice of day (and time!), and it’s important to get it right.

The problem of KPIs without OKRs

I still come across businesses which don’t define goals and the associated results required, yet measure performance regardless.

The best time to make social media posts

This is not something where you can segment your audience to run tests, so we might be more dependent on research.

Dwell time’ and SEO

Of course, we don’t know how long people spend before trying another result, but it’s obvious that it’s an important metric.

Do we use surveys and polls enough?

Most of us make a stream of decisions based on hunches, when a customers’ or colleagues’ actual opinions are just a quick survey away.