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Who’s watching our videos?

When we put a video on YouTube, the total views count may be enough to justify having commissioned the video in the first place. But really we should be putting a lot more effort into analysing the views. In particular, if a video is embedded into a page on our website, we need to know how often it’s getting watched there, and where any viewers came from. This is all quite possible, but as ever, it needs to be set up in advance.

The key is to have Google Tag Manager on our website, and to use it to set up event tracking in Google Analytics through triggers. We can then compare the number of people who watch the video and the number who don’t; whether or not video viewers are more likely to become a lead; if any videos have a surprisingly low or high play rate; and which do (and don’t) get watched through to the end.

There’s a step by step guide to setting up video tracking in How to Track Video Views in Google Analytics Using Google Tag Manager in 4 Steps on the Orbit Media Studios blog.