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Understanding what your prospects want to know

One of the big Google Search advances last year appears to have been the continued improvement in its understanding of the intent behind queries. As we know, people are asking many more questions in search now, but queries with relatively similar wording can be quite different, and insignificant-looking words can be hugely important in defining what the searcher wants. If you want to read more, try this blog post from Google.

From an SEO point of view, I’m not sure that what’s going on should affect what we do. If Google gets things right, we’ll get more relevant searches to our pages, and fewer irrelevant ones. The total numbers could go either way but the engagement from what we do get should improve. As ever, what we should be doing is writing great explanatory content, answering the questions that prospects are probably asking. Actually writing those articles should be easy (you’re the experts, after all) – working out what they are may be the bigger headache.