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This is not just any landing page

The effort and ability required to build specific landing pages for a campaign has always been a problem for small marketing departments. These are often the same businesses as those which have low enquiry numbers, and consequently don’t have the data to use A/B testing of different messages, another great opportunity offered by campaign-specific landing pages.

Hmm… not many enquiries and an inability to knock up tailored landing pages? I suspect many readers will identify themselves here.

Now landing page platform specialist Unbounce (who I referred to last week) is tackling both of those head-on with its ‘Smart Traffic’ system. It’ll set you back about £700 a year, but if you’re running regular email marketing or PPC advertising, I suspect it could become your new best friend. There’s a free trial too.

The first part of the offering is one of the most widely-used landing page builders in the business. If you want to knock up one of those brilliantly to-the-point landing pages (“here’s what we’re offering, fill in your details and we’ll get it to you”), or even a full product presentation, then Unbounce makes it very straightforward.

The second part is something called ‘Smart Traffic‘ – an AI-based system which Unbounce reckons gets around the problem of us not having enough data to do A/B testing of multiple landing page designs and messages. It looks very impressive to me, and is well worth further investigation.