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Thinking about the bigger picture

Most of us get so caught up in our day-to-day issues that we never get around to thinking about the bigger picture. A new decade only comes around every ten years (who’d have thought?) and like a birthday with a zero on the end, it’s another good prompt to analyse our life, our job, our daily routine and anything else that takes our fancy.

If your marketing plan is much the same as last year, which was much the same as the year before, is this a good opportunity to at least justify to yourself why that’s the case? Are your reasons for continuing to use something that doesn’t appear to work still justified? Do you really need to subscribe to that service you don’t really use for yet another year? Should you bite the bullet and finally find the budget and time to create that new website, catalogue or set of datasheets you’ve been promising to yourself for too long?

Is there an online marketing activity which came on the scene a while back which you ignored, thinking it would go away, but now have to admit you need to start using?

Many years ago, we compiled a list here of 74 activities of a marketing department. Are there jobs on the list which you ought to be doing, or shouldn’t be doing?

It’s a common recommendation in entrepreneurial circles to go away and consider the big picture without any distractions. Your employer won’t pay for that, I’m sure, but a nice walk in your lunch hour to think about things wouldn’t go amiss once a year. Or once a decade.