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Spring-cleaning your company LinkedIn page

Publishing articles you’re proud of on LinkedIn should be a no-brainer. But before you do that, it makes sense to ensure your company page is set up well, because that’s one place readers are likely to investigate after reading your article.

Start by defining a list of keywords that sum up your company, including any brand values, USPs and geographical reach as well as the obvious product and application areas. This will give you a start on ensuring your “About Us” section is relevant. You’ve only got a couple of hundred words for this, so make them count. Remember: the reader is asking “What’s in it for me?” and that’s what you have to answer. Who and where are you, and why is that useful? What makes you different, and what advantage does that give? How can people learn more?

The first 20 or so words are critical and should stand alone, because they’ll form the description and may also appear in the Google results.

You’ll need a logo and banner image. I’ll assume you have a standard logo for social media; size the LinkedIn one to 300 x 300 and ensure it’s really sharp. The banner image should be 1536 x 768 (a 2:1 width/height ratio). Some businesses just use a pattern reflecting the corporate colours or design; others also include slogans or hashtags. Photographs are fine, but probably only to create an effect, rather than Whatever you try, make sure you look at it on different devices in different orientations.

Finally, complete the other information. Also consider “Showcase Pages” – you can have up to 10 of these to represent brands or product ranges. Showcase pages really need to have frequently added content, so only create them if you’re prepared to do that.

When you’re done, go through as many company personnel as you can, starting from the most senior and outward-facing positions, ensuring that they’ve got professional-looking entries (including good photos) and are linking to the correct company page.

LinkedIn’s own “Best Practices” article is here.