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SEO in summary for 2020

I’m not sure many readers will find much new in this recent blog post from Google, but it might be useful if you want to show someone a “from the horse’s mouth” summary of the way to maintain websites for optimal search engine ranking. Refining your website’s user experience in 3 steps confirms that the best strategy is to measure the site’s performance, create a smoother experience for your users and optimise for mobile-first indexing. It concludes: “When it comes to design, remember that users are impatient – so organise your site so that it’s easy for people to find and do what they want. Focus your homepage and navigation on connecting users to the content they’re looking for. Offer site search to ensure users can find what they need in a hurry. Understand your customer journeys and let users convert on their own terms. Provide a seamless, frictionless conversion experience through easy-to-use forms.” There’s also a link to some more best practices.