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Learn how to convert from online stores

Whether or not we run an online store, we can learn a lot from the people who do – and who do it well. We all need to get a message over, and convert potentially interested parties into enquiries, if not sales. 10 Ecommerce Landing Page Examples That Maximize Sales by Unbounce shows how strong a combination of advertising message and landing page can be – the message in any adverts accompanying the pages shown can be guessed quite easily.

Sending prospects from adverts to conventional product pages is a half-hearted strategy. As the article says: “Most product pages don’t follow e-commerce best practices. They have boilerplate copy and design that tries to target everybody at the same time (and doesn’t sync up with paid advertisements). Even worse, most product pages are stuffed with shiny links that … keep them browsing instead of buying. With landing pages, you can focus a visitor’s attention on a single product or offering and lead them on a personalised journey. They’re more targeted, customisable, and twice as likely to convert.”