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ICYMI – All the blog posts from January 2020

Putting Voice Recognition to Work

Where ‘a whole new way of working’ comes in is to have discussions recorded and the transcriptions used primarily as a searchable index.

This is not just any landing page

Hmm… not many enquiries and an inability to knock up tailored landing pages? I suspect most readers will identify themselves here.

Spring-cleaning your company LinkedIn page

It makes sense to ensure your company page is set up well, because that’s where readers are likely to turn after reading your content.

A video for every customer

If you’re not personalising your marketing more in 2020, just remember that your competitors may well be. Video is just another outlet.

Are page URLs important?

For product pages, it may make sense to strip back the URL to the important stuff (the product name) while adding some helpful descriptors.

Just the Fax, Ma’am

If you’re in a situation where a fax needs to be sent or received, and you don’t have a fax machine, what are your options?

Get your physical mail and email working together

We don’t have scope for experimenting with direct mail; it needs to be right first time …and here’s where our online capabilities come in.

Thinking about the bigger picture

It’s the start of 2020. A nice walk in your lunch hour to think about things wouldn’t go amiss once a year. Or once a decade.

A touch more convenience please

How convenient is responding to your advertising? Or finding out a crucial technical specification about one of your products?

What to wear for a video presentation

One tip to in-house company video directors: ensure that the interviewee knows the day before that they’ll be taking part in a video.

A slimline website for the new year

It could well be a good investment of time or money to take a serious look at a whole range of speed-related aspects.

Avoiding the duplication of information

As time passes, it becomes more difficult to consolidate different versions of documents or even to work out which is the official one.

Advertising against competitors’ company names

Search adverts against your competitors’ brand names are not a good idea, as it can be expensive and have unintended consequences.

Create your own ‘Content Shock’

If you can identify an unfilled niche, you can create your own ‘Content Shock’ within a sector of your industry.

Who’s watching our videos?

If a video is embedded into a page on our website, we need to know how often it’s getting watched there, and where any viewers came from.

Did you get my email?

Whenever I get an important email, I add the sender’s address to a filter ensuring their emails never get sent to the spam folder in future

Learn how to convert from online stores

We all need to get a message over, and convert potentially interested parties into enquiries or sales. These examples show how it’s done.

Start advertising with the individual

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the direction in which we’re heading inexorably is one where the marketer needs to be more empathetic.

Don’t forget those tags on YouTube

If your keywords make sense as tags, use them, but also investigate what existing highly-performing videos are using as their tags.

Understanding what your prospects want to know

As ever, what we should be doing is writing great explanatory content, answering the questions that prospects are probably asking.

SEO in summary for 2020

The best strategy is to measure the site’s performance, create a smoother experience for your users and optimise for mobile-first indexing.