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Create your own ‘Content Shock’

“Content Saturation” is a term that has been around in online marketing circles for a number of years. Writer Mark Schaefer described it as a strategy to “find an unsaturated niche and overwhelm the web with so much quality content that search engines discover only you (or mostly you)”. The more niche you go, the easier this is; and let’s face it, most of us can write about some pretty niche stuff in our businesses. Schaefer proposed that we find an unsaturated niche, consistently produce quality material for a relevant audience and keep producing content so that the authority given to our site grows. An example might be to focus on the application of a product line within a particular sector – search in Google for [product type] [market sector] and see what comes up. If it’s a varied selection of questionably relevant material, you’ve got an opportunity.

It’s over 5 years since the same author suggested that we were already at a point where good content wasn’t enough, because more was being produced than could be consumed: he called this ‘Content Shock’. The effort required to get good content noticed was becoming too high to justify its benefits. However, he has also pointed out that if you can identify an unfilled niche, you can create your own ‘Content Shock’ within a sector of your industry.