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A slimline website for the new year

How’s the diet going? It might be time to put your website on one too. As we all know, speed is really important nowadays, and many websites are bogged down by a significant amount of code which isn’t used any more. Yours could well be one of these, and a good new year’s detox may be exactly what it needs.

If you’ve got a website developer, internal or external, it could well be a good investment of time or money to get them to take a serious look at a whole range of speed-related aspects. Start by using GTmetrix or Google’s Test My Site to analyse your own page speed. That’ll give you some recommendations and a benchmark.

Then here’s a list of things to investigate, in no order of priority, which I’ll leave to you and your website developer to research!

  • Defer JavaScript loading
  • Enable Gzip compression
  • Minify and combine files
  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Optimize CSS delivery
  • Prioritize above-the-fold content (lazy loading)
  • Reduce image dimensions
  • Reduce the number of plugins, tags and scripts
  • Run a compression audit
  • Use a CDN
  • Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files

Most sites will be able to make improvements in several of these areas, and even if only one or two result in a significant impact, it could make a difference in how search engines view the site …as well as providing a better visitor experience.