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Passing the relevancy test

Yesterday I discussed how our websites need to focus on the customer’s need, rather than making ourselves the immediate subject. This is straightforward if we’ve lured in the visitor from a very specific advert, but hard when we don’t know what the customer wants, which will be the majority of visits. The best way of solving this problem is to remember that our websites are a surrogate for an initial sales contact. What would the best salespeople do?

The answer is that great salespeople start off by getting their prospects to identify the situation in which they find themselves, and offer them relevant material and insight to prove the conversation should be worthwhile.

Can we do this on a website? Yes we can. Indeed, a website should be able to demonstrate everything that the very best salespeople can.

We’ll need good support material, tailored to different applications, and a way of getting prospects to identify their issues when they arrive, so we can send them to the right material. Reading this will give us a much better chance of seeming relevant, and breaking down the first barrier in the sales process.