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Keep working over Christmas

When I was a magazine editor, few advertisers wanted to appear in a December issue that probably came out a week or two before the Christmas break; most deferred any promotions until the new year. I could understand this, although it was a mistake then and still is now. They were thinking that fewer people open a magazine with a shorter shelf life, and the cost per prospect seeing their advert is higher. However, a specific advert is more likely to get noticed in a small issue, which more than compensates for this.

With pay per click advertising online, there should be no such problem. So what if nobody is searching for widgets on Christmas morning? If that’s the case, it won’t cost you anything. However, you can also guess that if somebody is searching for widgets on Christmas morning, they really need a widget. Even better, many companies stop their advertising over the holidays, so there’s less competition and the cost per click may be a little lower, or you may get a higher position on the page for the same cost as you normally pay. As with magazines, it can be the best time of year to advertise, not the worst.

What it comes down to though is whether or not you can meet their needs. If your adverts are aimed at getting prospects to call you now and talk to an expert, you may be wasting your money if your company is closed for a week or more. So the message needs to be realistic. ‘See what we’ve got on our website’ is fine; nobody expects you to be in the office on Christmas morning, opening your presents with one eye on the phone. It’s pretty unforgivable though not to have your holiday opening hours published very clearly online.