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ICYMI – All the blog posts from December 2019

Here’s a summary of this month’s posts for your reference; ‘An Article A Day’ will be back in the new year. Have a really good break! – Chris

Caption and Description: more website image meta data

I’ve mentioned the ‘title’ attribute for web page elements, and the ‘alt’ attribute. Now we need to talk about ‘caption’ and ‘description’.

Using Slack, more than three years on

If you’re still not using Slack or Teams at work, and indeed not using it anywhere, I’d recommend giving it a try.

Mobile traffic continues to rise in 2019

My sample of clients’ websites is showing a doubling of mobile traffic share in the last three years, typically from 10–20% to 25–40%.

Can we use Emojis in business?

I like to use emojis to add emphasis to a message, but I think it’s dangerous to make the meaning of the message dependent on them.

Making the media work harder for you

The potential of independent industry publications and websites may be even more valuable to manufacturers than it was in the past.

Keep working over Christmas

If your adverts are aimed at getting prospects to call you now and talk to an expert, you may be wasting your money if your company is closed.

How to use Q&A sites properly

The key is to be somebody who answers questions regularly. Join in the sites as a community member, and be respectful as well as helpful.

Getting a website’s home page right

So many websites get this wrong because what the designers fail to do is to put themselves in the shoes of the visitor.

Driving customer retention through remarketing

If you sell online, you have a thank-you page which is only seen by customers. Tag this, and you have an ad campaign for those people alone.

You need more than press release links

If links to a page are to be an indication of the page’s relevancy, what should these links be? Not in press releases, unfortunately.

Should I use the ‘title’ attribute on images and links?

Should I use the ‘title’ attribute on images and links? No. (If you want to know why not to use the ‘title’ attribute, read this article).

Getting your news on to the Google search home page

The traditional search box still sits top and centre, but it’s now followed by a string of articles in panels.

We’re not the subject of the conversation

Politicians know what resonates with people. They need to communicate relevance, and they do this by showing how they’ll improve our lot.

Passing the relevancy test

Great salespeople get prospects to identify their situation and offer material to demonstrate credibility. Can we do this on a website? Yes.

How much should we spend on marketing?

This may cover different things at different companies; many don’t include the salaries of the marketing team in this, for example.