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Getting your news on to the Google search home page

The Google home page has long been characterised with its simplicity: a search box, and that’s just about it. In the past, other services tried to amalgamate search with news and other features, making some sort of ‘personalised home page for the web’. None have ever really taken off as much as their creators had hoped.

But Google is once again starting to give it a go. In the mobile app, which is used by an increasing number of people, the traditional search box still sits top and centre, but it’s now followed by a string of articles in panels. This is called Google Discover, and naturally, the content is apparently tailored to the user. The new design is apparently coming to the standard browser-based mobile search page too.

This morning I got the weather forecast, followed by an article about cruise ships, another about SEO and a third about the general election. To be fair, given that I had been looking at holidays for next year, that’s a reasonable guess at what I might find interesting.

The articles are from Google News, so you’re probably not going to get articles from your own company’s site featured any time soon, but many of the sites to which you submit press releases may be featured. My guess, however, is that in the medium term, Google will start looking at a far broader selection of source sites, so keep an eye on this.