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Some easy ideas for videos

Have you been holding back on making videos for your company because, well, you didn’t really have a good enough idea for one? Here are a few that you might consider.

The first is a customer testimonial video. Maybe you have a customer event coming up, or an exhibition stand where a few customers will probably drop by. Why not set up to talk to them on camera? It doesn’t have to be daunting for them – if it’s just a line or two, many won’t mind. Compile them all together and you’ve got something quite useful.

Another idea is to shoot an alternative corporate video – one that goes behind the scenes at your company. Let’s face it, most prospects would be more interested in seeing the service facility than a grand, sweeping shot of the outside of the office. Again, this can be made usefully human by talking to some real people, perhaps those who don’t always get the chance to present what they do.

Finally, why not show off the knowledge of your sales or technical support staff by getting them to provide some tips or first-hand experiences of using the sort of stuff you sell? You might find some surprisingly good stories.

I’ve shot loads of really good videos in the last year using just an iPhone, a simple tripod and a good clip-on lapel microphone. Once you’ve done a few (and these can be practice ones in the office or at home), it really becomes second nature.