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Keep on keeping on with emails

I’ve been involved in email marketing for over 20 years, so this shouldn’t have come as any surprise, but I’ve had some good results recently from repeating messages. Email overload is as great as ever, so we should never assume that what we want to say gets through first time. On some of my email lists, I include a list of other recent mailings at the bottom, and these get a decent level of clickthrough, a major hint that they weren’t seen when they’d been the main story!

There are many reasons why a recipient might only read your email on a second or subsequent attempt. They might receive it at an inconvenient time of day for them, and just dismiss it rather than save it for later. That’s how most of us treat marketing emails, I’m sure; they only get read if the offer looks good and there’s time to read it, otherwise they’re history.

Naturally, you don’t want to irritate recipients who did read your message earlier, so it’s important to put a new spin on the story, not just repeat the email.