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ICYMI – All the blog posts from November 2019

Bringing it all together in a ‘content hub’

A content hub is a top level index of resources around a particular topic, which could, for example, be a product category or an application.

Laying it out for all to see

People visit sites to find out things. They are becoming less patient. We need to understand this, like Amazon does.

My three favourite ways to get links

If you’re a typical small B2B company, you probably put little or no resources into this, because it’s hard. That’s a mistake.

Spring Cleaning your website

I have seen anecdotes of sites removing half or more of their content, stretching back many years, and seeing a substantial SEO benefit.

All about ‘People Also Ask’ in the Google results

The “People Also Ask” list can have different numbers of questions and may appear in different positions on the page.

Some easy ideas for videos

I’ve shot loads of really good videos in the last year. Once you’ve done a few practice ones, it really becomes second nature.

Have I earned those contact details?

People accept that there’s a quid-pro-quo, but your website visitors came hoping to get a question answered, not to get on your database.

Making sure they get your documents

I often discourage people from ‘gating’ content, but when you do, it’s important to ensure the content actually arrives.

Slave to the Algorithms

I’ve noticed a lot of individual page performance changes recently. This wouldn’t be apparent just by looking at overall site traffic totals.

Using segmentation by enthusiasms in search advertising

Although ‘affinity audiences’ are hobby- or general-interest-based, they still present some possibilities for technical business marketing

Gratitude is not a sign of weakness

We think that by providing a great product or service, we’re the only ones doing the helping. But it’s a two-way thing.

A reminder to use ‘alt’ text

Using ‘alt’ text to describe images is as important today as ever, not just because of SEO. It’s a simple thing, but often forgotten.

Repetition in advertising works

Repetition in advertising works, particularly when purchases are by necessity and only occasional, as with most of our businesses.

Keep on keeping on with emails

There are many reasons why an email might only be read on a second attempt, such as initially receiving it at an inconvenient time of day.

How to promote a video by email

It’s not a good idea to embed videos in emails, because many email apps won’t support them, and some services will classify them as spam.

Read that to me one more time

After writing something, we read it back. Get someone else to read it out loud though; almost every PC or phone has the ability to do this.

A direct route from advert to CRM

We’re being offered the chance to have a pop-up form generated directly by the advert, where the prospect can enter basic contact details.

One for the WordPress users

Google’s WordPress plugin is an excellent time-saver, which brings Search Console, Analytics and PageSpeed Insights to your Dashboard.

Got anything new to link to?

You’ll soon be able to register the “.new” top-level domain for shortcuts to online services. Details are – predictably – at