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Why us?

You may have come across ‘The Golden Circle’, one of those marketing concepts that are nice to read about, but harder to relate to everyday business problems. However, if you are able to apply it to your own company’s marketing, it can take you in some interesting directions. It begins with this 18-minute TED Talk called “How great leaders inspire action” by Simon Sinek (maybe one for a rainy lunch hour?). The idea is that we get past the ‘what’ we do, and even the ‘how’ we do it, and instead try to identify the ‘why’.

Sounds a bit academic, right? However, think of the advantages if you can nail down the ‘why’ of your business. It could give you a great reason to justify premium pricing, or the gains to be made by keeping you as a supplier, or even overcoming benefits being offered by competitors. It can give you that elusive marketing theme you’ve been searching for. And it can become an ethos that can permeate into sales too.

With increased numbers of people getting involved in the buying decision, a consistent overarching marketing message is more important than ever. I don’t know if finding a ‘why’ for your business could be what you need, but it’s possible.