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Time for a new web host?

I’ve used the same two web hosts for many years, retaining them mainly because the support has been so good. Some of my (WordPress) sites have been getting increasingly slow, but I put this down to their size and the legacy rubbish which must be in the database after so long. Despite this, I decided to move one of my sites over to a new host recently, and goodness me, what a difference! Page loading time was slashed, and although moving all my sites to this host might end up costing me a little more each month, if the impact can be replicated it’ll be worth it.

Many web hosts nowadays offer a managed site transfer service, so for a small business, a new web host needn’t be a daunting prospect: the web host will handle it all for you. Like changing your energy supplier or bank, it’s easy to not bother, but the process can be simpler and the effects more dramatic than you might imagine. Just don’t choose a web host based on price – the cost differences really shouldn’t be worth worrying about.