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Spring-cleaning your PPC advertising

PPC search advertising often wipes the floor with other advertising media, and because it works well, many companies just gradually improve what they do, rather than make strategic changes to their campaigns. However, sometimes it can be worth reassessing if the way you started doing things is still the right way.

For example, what is your goal? Many of our clients have always had ‘maximising engaged traffic’ as theirs, and if conversion numbers at your site are too low to analyse reliably, that makes a lot of sense. However, it is possible to target enquiries instead of visitors, as long as your campaigns are narrowly targeted. If you’re pleased with a PPC advertising campaign that generates a dozen enquiries a month, but those conversions come from 100 keywords and 300 adverts, it’s going to be all but impossible to work out which keyword/advert combinations are delivering the goods. However, if you reduce the spread of adverts, it may be a worthwhile alternative strategy.

Talking of which, cutting down keywords is another possible area for your attention. Letting go of relevant searches is hard, but if your budget is limited, it may be better to spend more on the more effective ones. Those with low quality scores and high cost-per-clicks ought to be carefully considered, however desirable it appears to be to have your advert running against them.

Finally, consider specific landing pages for your PPC search ads. This will enable you to match the ad copy and page precisely, as well as present a message more geared to people happy to click on a search engine advert.