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Is breadcrumb markup important?

Yesterday I mentioned the change in Google’s results to show a ‘breadcrumb’ link rather than a full URL. I also mentioned that you can specify (or at least encourage) what’s shown in this breadcrumb link through the use of ‘markup’ code.

Several readers asked if this important to do, with respect to SEO. I’ve not heard of anyone proving that it provides a ranking advantage, so there’s certainly no panic, but I would advise looking up your own search results in Google and seeing if what’s being shown is what you’d want. It may well be fine. However, if it’s not, you’ll probably want to investigate the markup idea as soon as possible. Remember, the better your result looks, the higher the clickthrough rate it’s likely to get!

If you’re a Google Search Console user, you might have started to get messages a couple of weeks ago saying that your breadcrumbs markup needs to be fixed. There’s a new report in Search Console to tell you which markup fields are missing (probably all of them!) and to confirm you’re doing things right.