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ICYMI – All the blog posts from September 2019

Making small websites punch above their weight

Ten years ago a small site could do well in the search engine results accidentally. Today you’ll need a smart, targeted strategy.

Make it easy for people to say goodbye

There are several sets of people who might be leaving your list who you really don’t want to annoy. Irritate these people at your peril.

Getting ready for a recession

The knee-jerk response at many businesses is to slash departmental budgets, starting with less tangible activities including advertising.

‘More Information’? You can do better than that

Your efforts are wasted if people don’t do something. And your instructions on what to do need to be simple. Very simple.

A checklist to create a brand to go to market with

An excellent overview article on the Marketing Insider Group blog lists 19 B2B Marketing Strategies That Are Still Important for 2019

Landing pages for adverts: you know they make sense

There are so many reasons to go the extra mile I don’t know where to start, but tying in the advert headline with the landing page is one.

Stopping buyers kicking the can down the road

A bigger task for sales now is not to advocate our particular product, but to encourage the buyer to get on with deciding to buy something.

New link attributes announced by Google

Google now treats the nofollow attribute as a “hint” for ranking, rather than a rule, and will do the same for crawling and indexing.

Make your forms mobile-first

Much more than in desktop browser forms, it’s important to keep mobile forms simple. Here are a few design tips.

How far do people read down the page?

It’d be interesting to know if people were reading to the end, and to do this, you need to be measuring what’s called ‘scroll depth’.

Is Google exploiting its position or losing its way?

Far from being an index or contents page for the web, Google is successfully turning itself into a destination.

Make those bullet points work harder

Bullet points are a list of specific, important items. As such, they deserve to be crafted well. They also need to be kept simple.

Making that landing page look just right

In addition to compelling headers and language, as well as the product’s benefits, you also want your page to be beautiful and helpful.

Using FAQ and How-to structured data on Google Search

If you have an FAQs or how-to page (and you should), then getting it marked up in this way is probably a good idea.

Keywords Everywhere: easy access to keywords planning data

What this does is to bring keyword data into everyday applications; I use it with Google Search, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Google marks up our web pages without asking

As a website owner, I’m not sure I like it – why does Google think it’s OK to start marking up my website in this way?

Getting control of email signatures company-wide

Sigstr allows you to control the email signatures across a company where employees are using Office 365, Exchange, Gsuite,etc.

SEO around a new product launch

When you send out the first announcements, there may not be a finished landing page on your website for people to quote.

Check the links on your web page with a click

Publish a web page, click on the browser toolbar button, and all the links on your page are instantly checked. Simple as that.

Tracking down email addresses in a click

Continuing my look at useful browser add-ons for website marketing, here’s one that lets you find email addresses related to a website.

Better keyword ideas from Ubersuggest

One of the most intriguing keyword research tools around, Ubersuggest, now has an expanded database, which makes it well worth a look.