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ICYMI – All the blog posts from October 2019

Data: the little-discussed nightmare of a ‘no-deal Brexit’

Most businesses are doing very little. Your company will have to make up its own mind as to the risk it’s prepared to take.

And then there were the PR agencies

If BMON had been set up as an SEO consultancy, we’d probably have ended up as a PR agency – if we’d survived the intervening period

Getting started with live webinars

A live webinar needs to be right first time – you can’t edit out the mistakes or start again. But I don’t think an audience expects perfection

‘Breadcrumbs’ replacing URLs in Google search results

You might notice in the Google results that the green URL under each result has now changed from the actual URL to a ‘breadcrumb’ link.

Can they call you with one press?

Take a look at a page on your website where the call to action is to contact you. Are you forcing mobile users to fill in a form?

Spring-cleaning your PPC advertising

Because PPC search advertising works well, many companies just gradually improve what they do, rather than make strategic changes.

Reverse engineering the competition

Don’t just look to upgrade your page to something similar: see if you can spot weaknesses in the competitor pages and gain a real advantage

Storytelling is winning over technical quality

Instead of slick production values, a successful video is all about the content. A lower budget approach can do the job perfectly.

Introducing the new data-nosnippet HTML attribute

Some new methods allow “more fine-grained configuration of the preview content shown for your pages… through two types of new settings”.

Multiple websites: still a bad idea, usually

Try to minimise the number of websites you run, with just one, if possible, being the easiest, cheapest and most effective of all

The key to successful pop-up use

Smart marketers have pop-ups that don’t appear on first arriving; they wait until the visitor is more likely to be receptive to an offer.

Why us?

With more people getting involved in the buying decision, a consistent overarching marketing message is more important than ever.

Your ads on YouTube on the TV

This is a big advert which will autoplay on the YouTube home screen on TVs – and can be purchased on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis.

Is breadcrumb markup important?

With respect to SEO, I’ve not heard anyone show that it provides a ranking advantage, so there’s certainly no panic

Should we use ‘next generation’ image formats?

Faster loading websites are something we should all be looking to provide, but next generation image formats may not be a good strategy.

Time for a new web host?

Many web hosts nowadays offer a managed site transfer service, so for a small business, a new web host needn’t be a daunting prospect.

Advertising on sites without advertising

If the top-ranking page is a non-commercial site, offering to buy your way on to that page with a one-off advert ought to be a no-brainer.

New domain SEO analysis tool looks good

There are loads of tools for analysing the SEO strength of domains, but a new one from SEO tool provider looks straightforward

A sitemap for website users

This is sometimes known as an ‘HTML sitemap’ and can be useful for visitors who like to use the ‘search’ facility in their browser!

8 Unexpected Uses for Blue Widgets

This tool is a bit trivial, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try if you’re writing an article about something and don’t know where to begin.

Not ghoulish, just good business sense

There’s nothing wrong with having pages which list your alternatives to competitors’ product range names or even part numbers.