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Can they call you with one press?

Most of our clients seem to have between 15% and 50% of their website visitors on mobile devices. Of course you’ve got your website designed nowadays so that it looks (at least) as good on mobile as it does on a desktop PC, but are there other considerations for small-screen users? Naturally, the answer is yes.

The most obvious is intent. Now, while it’s true that many people use a desktop PC for making transactions, and many use mobile devices for general research browsing, it’s fair to say that on balance, the proportion of mobile users wanting to do something is higher than on PCs. The paradox is that it’s harder to make many transactions (such as completing an enquiry form) on a mobile device. So we may want to highlight methods which are easier …such as calling directly.

‘Click to call’ buttons are the simplest possible way for mobile users to contact you via your website. Conversely, this option is almost pointless on a desktop site. If you have a responsive site, showing similar content on any screen, and a ‘desktop first’ approach has been taken, you may find the designer hasn’t included a click to call button. Perhaps the best your site offers is that the mobile device browser is intelligent enough to make the phone number you quote into a ‘live’ one.

This would be a mistake. Take a look at a page on your website where the call to action is to contact you. Are you forcing mobile users to fill in a form, or can they call you with one press?