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Using FAQ and How-to structured data on Google Search

I’m sure you’re aware by now of the importance of answering frequently asked questions on a website, in order to get that coveted ‘featured snippet’ slot at the top of the Google results. This sort of thing. What few website managers seem to know is that these can be highlighted by using something called FAQ and How-to structured data. Indeed, some sources are reporting that the use of this technique is proving too successful.

This data (which needs to be added to the page code) is primarily for official questions and answers related to your business. I suspect it’s been driven by the need to provide direct answers for people using voice search, rather than conventional search, but it’s having an impact on the latter. If you have an FAQs or how-to page (and you should), then getting it marked up in this way is probably a good idea. Using it on other pages which answer questions is worth investigating.