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Making that landing page look just right

Yesterday I mentioned the advantages of having a proper sales landing page for an advertising campaign, rather than sending people to a product page or (worse) your home page. But how should the page look? If you’re giving the project to a web designer, you should also give them some guidelines, and here are some, lifted from a useful article by Hubspot. The article suggests that “in addition to compelling headers and language, you also want your page to be beautiful and helpful.”

So, you need to ensure the former by asking the designer to lift colours and fonts from your regular website; keep the story linear; remember that less is more; use nice images; and include strong calls-to-action.

As for helpfulness, the requirements are for content to match the audience’s needs and challenges; for calls-to-action that provide value; ensuring visitors can see how to convert; and providing reassuring, easy access to your contact information.

Put these together with the technical benefits of the product and you should end up with a compelling sales presentation.