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Keywords Everywhere: easy access to keywords planning data

Over the next few days I thought I’d direct your attention to some useful add-on products for website managers looking to improve their SEO. We start with one of my favourites, Keywords Everywhere, an extension for Firefox or Chrome browsers. What this does is to bring keyword data into a range of everyday applications; I use it most with plain old Google Search, Google Analytics and Google Search Console, but it also provides data within Bing Search, Amazon and eBay amongst others.

With Google Search, Keywords Everywhere adds panels listing ‘related keywords’ and ‘people also search for’, with their search volume, Google Ads cost-per-click and competition. The data appears to come from Google’s keywords planner, and can be localised to the UK. You’ll also see the same data for the search you’ve made, immediately under the search box. With Google Analytics and Search Console, the same three sets of data are added as new columns in the ‘Queries’ report, as shown here.

There are a bunch of other functions promised this week too: take a look.