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ICYMI – All the blog posts from August 2019

Have a plan for when your website gets hacked

Two of our clients have had this experience in the last year. I’ve had a site hacked as well. It’s been a learning exercise for all of us.

Analysing 20 questions on SEO from Google

Google recently released 20 questions we might ask about our content. Reading it might give us a new view on what our content might contain.

The problem with responsive search ads

What worries me a little is the many businesses who could be getting ads showing that don’t make much sense.

When’s the best time for email or social media?

It’s one of those decisions that a bit of testing might help with, but we may also have to rely on some intuition.

How-To Videos: easy to justify

As I’ve mentioned many times before, a how-to video is one of the most cost-effective pieces of content any company can produce.

Broader matching for search ads: be careful

If the move opens up a lot of ‘long tail’ keywords that had a search volume too low to show previously, we’re cautiously optimistic about it.

Check you’ve got canonical tags on your website

The ‘canonical’ tag should be generated automatically by your content management system. But do make sure it is.

5 ways to make your website more credible

I always recommend adding a constant stream of authoritative background articles and FAQs. What else can we put on the website though?

Minimise the chance of your website being compromised

There are a lot of things you can do to protect your site, and they’re well worth the time and/or financial investment involved

What does improving the user experience mean?

This is how Google judges your page as having provided a good user experience, and there’s little that beats that in the SEO stakes nowadays.

As much quality on your website as you can EAT

Expertise, authority and trust: as usual, Google is only trying to quantify and specify what prospects probably look for without thinking.

What Google’s mobile-first index means

Google has said it will soon only use what it sees on our websites using the equivalent of a mobile device.

We need to care for all linked pages in emails

Have a look at yours and ensure any standard landing pages or forms are updated to be as good as your main offer pages.

Asking customers the right questions

I’ve known businesses change their marketing message for a product to something far more effective, based on this sort of customer feedback.

How many people should check our writing?

Even if you’re a confident writer and an authority on the subject, I’d suggest that ‘none’ would be asking for trouble.

Why marketing content writing is different

Storytelling and journalism have to be accessible to a wide audience. Technical marketing content needs to target customers.

Noindex command needs to be removed from robots.txt

Google soon won’t be supporting the command ‘noindex’. So if your robots.txt contains any lines with that in it, you may want to change it.

A couple of quick tips to speed up your site

But what can you do if your page speed score leaves something to be desired? Here are a couple of quick tips.

The correct place for those social media icons

The sensible place for links to your social media accounts is at the end of every piece of content. It’s what the ‘footer’ was designed for.

How slow is a ‘slow’ website?

These things are relative, so take a look at the scores for the competitors who are doing best for key searches. That’s a target to aim for.